Personal Lines Homeowner’s & Property Coverage

Whether you rent or own, your home and its contents are important to you. So, don’t forget to insure them. We can help you cover them from theft, fire, and other perils.

Insurance has some terminology all its own. When we talk about insurance, we use two important terms: “Peril” and “Risk.”

Peril: the possible causes of a loss: fire, windstorm, hail, theft and vandalism are examples of some perils.

Risk: the chance of loss.

There are usually two ways a claim for a loss to your property can be settled. They’re referred to as “Actual Cash Value” and “Replacement Cost.”

Actual Cash Value: in many states this means that in the event of a covered loss, you’ll be paid the current replacement cost of whatever you lost, minus depreciation (which generally includes the estimated wear and tear on the item damaged or the loss in value of that item because of aging and use). The total amount you’d be paid would be subject to the terms of your particular policy, including applicable coverage limits (a term described in detail below).

Replacement Cost Coverage: in the event of a covered loss, you may be reimbursed for the cost you incur to replace the damaged property with similar property, brand new. Here again, the total amount you’d be reimbursed is subject to the terms and conditions of your particular policy, including applicable coverage limits.

Insurance policies have “Deductibles” and “Coverage Limits.” Although liability coverage rarely has an applicable deductible, the portions of your homeowners policy covering your house and other structures, as well as your personal property, generally include deductibles.

Deductibles: is the portion of the loss that you agree to pay out of your own pocket. Deductibles serve to help keep your insurance rates reasonable; increasing the amount of money you are willing to pay out of your pocket for a loss (your deductible) will lower your insurance premium. Deductibles also serve to reduce some minor claims which, if filed, would also drive up the general cost of insurance.

Coverage Limits :To properly price insurance, a company must establish limits on the amounts it will pay a policyholder for covered loss. Coverage limits are specified in your policy or contract.

Perils, risk, actual cash value, replacement cost coverage, deductibles and coverage limits — a typical property insurance policy is built around some of these fundamental elements.

Most homeowners policies also include the following major coverage options (subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of your particular property insurance policy):

Dwelling Protection: provides protection against covered loss to your home. For example, if a storm blows a tree onto your house causing damage, the damage to your house may be covered here.

Protection for Other Structures on the Residence: typically, this section of a homeowners policy provides protection against covered loss to items like a barn, a detached garage, swimming pool, even your driveway. If a storm damages a fence in your yard, it may be covered here.

Personal Property Protection: provides protection against covered loss to movable property like a stereo, bicycle, furniture or clothing. Realize, however, most homeowners policies set special coverage limits for certain items or categories of property like jewelry, money, and manuscripts. If you need to increase the coverage limits for these possessions, you’ll need an endorsement (or amendment) to your base policy.

Family Liability Protection: In general, this coverage protects you against certain liability claims brought against you because of property damage or bodily injury you accidentally may have caused. For example, you’re playing catch with your son or your friends. You wind up and inadvertently let fly with a high fast ball — a little too high, a little too fast. It crashes through your neighbors’ living room window, knocking over a china cabinet breaking every dish (quite a throw!). The property damage you accidentally caused may be covered here.

Guest Medical Protection: Generally, this coverage provides reimbursement for medical expenses incurred if visitors to your home are injured, regardless of who is at fault. For example, your neighbor comes over to help you plant a new tree…he accidentally trips on a shovel and breaks his arm in the fall. You’re a good friend, you rush him to the hospital so he can get his arm set. The medical expenses resulting from this accident may be covered by your homeowners policy guest medical protection.

(Renters insurance doesn’t include the first two coverages listed: dwelling and other structures protection, because technically the policyholder doesn’t own the dwelling they reside in.

Covering the Basics
This is a simply a brief description of homeowners insurance coverages, this is not an insurance contract.
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Agency History

Mission Statement
Colonial Insurance Services, Inc continues its success as a long established independent insurance agency thriving on an aggressive sales culture, and delivering a full array of insurance products and services through a highly
Colonial Insurance Services, Inc. was founded by A.B. Day in 1882. He was the first banker in Mansfield and established the First National Bank of Mansfield. Day served in many capacities including Selectman. His successor was his son-in-law, Herbert E. King. King changed the named of the insurance agency to his own. In addition to running this insurance agency, he was treasurer of the Mansfield Cooperative Bank and Mansfield Fire Chief until his death in 1932.

His son-in-law, Charles A. Wheeler, then took over the business and ran it under the Herbert E. King agency name. Wheeler was also active on three bank boards. An avid scouter, he was the recipient of many awards. His local involvement included several town building committees and the Industrial and Development Commission. He also was a past President of Mansfield Rotary.

Ralph H. Seifert joined Wheeler in 1957, bringing an insurance background beginning in 1950. Seifert’s involvement in the community includes founding Citizens Scholarship Foundation of Mansfield in 1961 and co-founding the Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce in 1987. An active member of the Mansfield Industrial and Development Commission, he also served as Town Moderator, Chairman of the Downtown Advisory Committee and member of the Master Plan Commission. He was also a past President of Rotary.

The Herbert E. King Agency and Fred E. Wills Agency merged in 1970. The merged agencies took a new name in 1970 – New England Security Insurance Agency. Long in title, it represented the ever expanding scope of operation and the “Seal of Security”, offering to each client an honest product at a competitive price, backed by a personal commitment from each member of the agency. The agency sells all types of insurance available to the general public and business. As a result of the merger, Fred Wills joined the agency with a record of community involvement that includes a past Presidency of Rotary, Industrial and Development Commission, and School Committee.

Mitchel G. Seifert joined the agency in 1978, after five years with Aetna Life and Casualty. He became President in October of 1986. His community involvement includes Planning Board, past President of Rotary, co-founder and first President of the Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce, and most recently Director, Chairman Finance Committee, and Chairman Planning Committee of Greater Attleboro-Taunton United Way.

1n 1994, Mitchel Seifert founded The Nurses Insurance Agency, Inc., an agency whose main focus was offering Personal Lines automobile and homeowners discount programs.

In 1999, The Nurses Insurance Agency, Inc. purchased New England Security Insurance Agency and continued to offer automobile and homeowners discount programs in addition to all other types of insurance.

2002 marks our 120th year in business! This is no small feat and something we are very proud of. To celebrate our history, a new agency name was selected: Colonial Insurance Services, Inc. The new name honors the ideals of our founders and represents our long-standing commitment to the local communities, and our dedication to preserving old-fashioned service while moving forward with the times. We look forward to serving our customers for centuries to come!

In 2009, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts closed several Registry of Motor Vehicle (RMV) offices including the North Attleboro branch. This prompted us to take action. We were approved by the RMV to complete certain registration transactions for our clients. Since the program began in February 2010, we have issued hundreds of plates, transfers and renewals saving our clients time and the aggravation of standing in long lines at the few remaining RMV branches. No other agency in town offers this valuable service. This is just another way we show our commitment to our customers every day. If you are currently a customer, THANK YOU. If not, please give us the opportunity to become your insurance agency.